in the world’s most popular lingerie styles in YouTube video Online

From iconic bikini blue lace underwear briefs to barely their G-strings, women undoubtedly more choices than men when it comes to undergarments, and a new video sees a female comedian modeling 15 of the most common underwear styles for ladies in just two minutes.

Canadian comedian Davison of the YouTube channel LOLPervs gathered $200 worth of pink underwear in sizes medium to large to show off the most popular styles ranging from the pairs with the largest coverage to those with the least in the new clip.

Davison kicked off the video by waving a pair of pale pink classic briefs in front of the camera before trying them on and posing for the camera.

Canadian comedian Davison of the YouTube channel LOLPervs poses in 15 of the most popular underwear styles in her new video. Davison is pictured in a pair of classic briefs

The comedian looks like a retro pin-up girl in the full-cover cotton briefs that sit at her natural waistline and cover her belly button.

The high-cut satin briefs that she models next are similar in almost every way except for the fact that they reveal the natural curves of their legs.

In the clip, Davison turns to the side to give viewers a look at the the brief’s high-cut legs in comparison to her fully covered derriere before she starts doing a little dance.

The brunette YouTube star then moves on to shapewear, trying on a pair of waist-cinching shaper briefs that help give her a bit more of an hour glass figure.

As many women are aware, there are a seemingly endless number of shapewear styles that target a variety of different areas of the body, and Davison goes on to model a pair of control briefs that are meant to flatten her tummy.

Satin style: Davison gathered $200 worth of pink underwear in sizes medium to large to create the video. She can be seen showing off her legs in a pair of high-cut briefs

Sucking it in: blue lace underwear The YouTuber can be seen modeling a pair of shapers (left) and a pair of control briefs (right)  that are meant to give her an hourglass shape and hold in her stomach, respectively

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